Auto Electronics & Diagnostics

Auto Electronics & Diagnostics Kilkenny

Our team of professionally qualified engineers, using our modern workshop that’s equipped with the latest diagnostics technology, can easily solve your problems. Call us today on 056 7765893 to discuss our Auto Electronics & Diagnostics service.

Specific diagnostic systems that we can service include:

  • Engine Management Systems
  • Emission control systems
  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Anti-lock Braking Systems and stability control systems
  • Starting and charging systems, auxiliary engine systems
  • Suspension control / active suspension systems
  • Airbags and other passive safety control systems
  • Exterior and interior lighting
  • Dashboard Instruments including air conditioning, climate control, ventilation and heating systems
  • Radio / Multimedia / Satellite navigation systems
  • Alarms & Immobilisers
  • Central and remote locking, electric windows, sunroofs etc.

Autologic Diagnostics

James Travers Garage provide dealer level diagnostics (fault finding, module programming, component configeration, key coding and so on) for all German vehicle brands:






AUTOLOGIC DIAGNOSTICS is the leading dealer level platform to reach the market to date. We have invested heavily in tooling, software & training to allow us diagnose & repair these technologically advanced brands. Our parts department carries a large quantity of parts in stock for these brands from both OE & aftermarket suppliers.

Call our Kilkenny workshop on 056 7765893 to discuss our Auto Electronics & Diagnostics service.