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Our modern workshop in Kilkenny is equipped with the latest Wheel Balancing & Alignment equipment. Call us today on 056 7765893 to discuss wheel alignment, brake replacement or repair and our tyre sales.

Wheel Balancing & Alignment

How will balanced wheels benefit me?
Balanced wheels will improve your comfort and driving experience. It will also prevent early wear out of your car components there for saving you money. In todays modern cars the suspension systems are extremely good and can hide any little vibrations. So if you the driver feel any vibration at all, your wheels may need to be balanced.

How will aligned wheels benefit me?
Aligned wheels will minimise uneven tyre wear and improve road handling and the safety of your car. Research has shown that a small amount of miss alignment (1mm) means your tyre is being forced sideways approximately 1 metre every mile you travel.

To gain benefit for the above reasons make sure your tracking is regularly checked by our qualified service team.

Tyres – We offer:

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Brake Pads & Discs

Brake Pad maintenance is in an important part of car maintenance. We also overhaul brake calipers, drain and replace brake fluid and replace brake calipers, servos and decayed or damaged brake lines. Our pricing for brake work is extremely competitive.

For more information on our Wheel Balancing/Alignment, Brake works or Tyre Replacement service call us today on 056 7765893