Emissions & Exhaust Repair Kilkenny


Exhaust repair and service can help your vehicle run smoother and offer better fuel mileage, which can potentially save you a lot of money! At James Travers Garage, we service, repair & install exhaust systems. Our certified exhaust repair specialist scan diagnose and repair your exhaust system. Call us today on 056 7765893 to discuss our Emissions & Exhaust Repair service.

Over time your vehicle can begin to wear out from constant use. The bottom of your vehicle is susceptible to damage from the rain and moisture. If you start to notice a decrease in your fuel mileage or your vehicle sounds louder than normal you may need to have your exhaust system repaired or serviced.

If it’s time to get your exhaust system diagnosed, contact James Travers Garage to schedule an appointment to have an inspection under your car before any other damage can occur.

The Emission System. The purpose of the emission system is to control the emissions and exhaust from your vehicle. This system substantially reduces harmful gases and helps maintain quiet operation. The exhaust system contains a series of integrated components.

Why should you replace a damaged car exhaust?

If your exhaust system is damaged, the toxic waste burned off within it may cause the following:

Increased fuel consumption and running costs

Rust and corrosion to build up over time

A blown, noisy exhaust will allow toxic gases to escape which can be dangerous if they get into the passenger compartment

Inhalation of gases from a worn exhaust system can cause headaches, sickness and drowsiness

If you think your exhaust system is damaged, it is wise to get it checked out straight away.

Book your exhaust check with James Travers Garage today. Call us on 056 7765893